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Weekly Update 7 April 2023

Apr 07 2023

The total number of boxes landed during the week was 5847 from 17 vessels, of which 4285 consigned from 8 vessels. There were 1562 boxes through the market from 9 vessel.

The following vessels berthed during the week:                                

04/04/2023      The “Green Isle” arrived in port from Scalloway for a crew change.  She sailed on the 05/04/2023.

06/04/2023      The “CEG Cosmos” arrived in port from Inverness to load timber.  She sailed on the 07/04/2023.

06/04/2023      The “Glomar Supporter” arrived in port from Survey for fuel bunkers.

06/04/2023      The “Holmfoss” arrived in port from Grimsby to collect cargo.  She sailed on 07/04/2023.