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Cruise & Ferries

With modern ferry infrastructure to accommodate domestic and international traffic, Scrabster is the gateway for daily lifeline ferry services to Orkney and cruise ships visiting the remote, beautiful and historic far North of Scotland.

The ferry terminal is used by Serco Northlink Ferries roll on/roll off vessel, Hammnavoe. The ship is linked to the terminal by an elevated overhead walkway for the comfort and safety of passengers.

For further details, terminal opening times and ferry schedules, please visit www.northlinkferries.co.uk

As the main port of northern mainland of Scotland, Scrabster, is a regular port of call for visiting cruise ships. Cruise ships up to 180 metres and 8 metres draft berth alongside, with larger ships using the deep water anchorage available within 0.2 nautical miles. The former St Ola Pier linkspan is used for tenders operating from the anchorage. Pilotage is not compulsory at Scrabster. Scrabster is fully ISPS Code compliant, with security personnel provided by the harbour authority to ISPS standards. Fast, fresh water supplies are easily accessible.

A courtesy bus service to and from the town of Thurso is available for cruise passengers and crew.

Scrabster Harbour Trust is a member of Cruise Scotland and Cruise Europe.

Further cruise destination information is available within our Cruise Directory which includes an Interactive map and we have also produced a video below showing a small selection of the areas superb attractions.

Provisional Scrabster Cruise Programme – 1 Jan – 31 Dec 2023 (this list is subject to change at any time).


Name of Ship Date Time Date Time
Seabourne Ovation 14/05/2023 0800hrs 14/05/2023 1800hrs
AIDASOL 17/05/2023 0800hrs 17/05/2023 1800hrs
AIDASOL 27/05/2023 0800hrs 27/05/2023 1800hrs
Silver Endeavour 29/05/2023 0700hrs 29/05/2023 1800hrs
Ambition 15/06/2023 0700hrs 15/06/2023 1800hrs
Spirit of Discovery 14/07/2023 0800hrs 14/07/2023 1900hrs
AMBIENCE 17/07/2023 0800hrs 17/07/2023 1800hrs
Heb Princess 24/07/2023 1900hrs 25/07/2023 1200hrs
Spirit of Discovery 27/07/2023 0800hrs 27/07/2023 1700hrs
Heb Princess 15/08/2023 0730hrs 15/08/2023 1200hrs
Ambition 17/08/2023 0700hrs 17/08/2023 1900hrs
Viking Mars 20/08/2023 0800hrs 20/08/2023 1700 hrs
Heb Princess 29/08/2023 1900hrs 30/08/2023 1300hrs
Heb Sky 31/08/2023 1900hrs 31/08/2023 1800hrs
Heb Princess 03/09/2023 2000hrs 04/09/2023 1300hrs
AMBIENCE 04/09/2023 0800hrs 04/09/2023 1800hrs
Silver Dawn 05/09/2023 0700hrs 05/09/2023 1800hrs
Viking Mars 07/09/2023 0800hrs 07/09/2023 1800 hrs
Ambition 11/09/2023 0700hrs 11/09/2023 1900 hrs
World Explorer 18/09/2023 0800hrs 18/09/2023 1800hrs




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