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Weekly Update 4 November 2022

Nov 04 2022

The total number of boxes landed during the week was 10733 from 22 vessels, of which 9208 consigned from 16 vessels. There were 1525 boxes through the market from 6 vessel.

The following vessels berthed during the week:                                

29/10/2022      The “Antares” arrived in port from Immingham with fuel for depot.  She sailed on the same day.

29/10/2022      The “Vantage” arrived in port from Torshavn with fish cargo.  She sailed on 30.10.22.

30/10/2022      The “Deep Helder” arrived in port to De-mob.  She sailed on 30.10.22

30/10/2022      The “Antares” arrived in Scrabster to De-fuel. She sailed on 31.10.22

31/10/2022      The “Aasli”  arrived in port from Kilroot with salt.  She sailed on 02.11.22.

01/11/2022      The “Heimdal R” arrived in port from Sinclair Bay to load rock armour for cable covering.  She sailed on 03.11.22.

02/11/2022      The “Auror Venture” arrived in port from Stromness to load Peroxide.  She sailed on 03.11.22.