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Weekly Update 26 April 2024

Apr 26 2024

The total number of boxes landed during the week was 2,576 from 10 vessels, of which 1,509 consigned from 6 vessels. There were 1,067 boxes through the market from 4 vessels.

The following vessels berthed during the week:                                

21/04/2024   Scot Mariner berthed to load logs from the Ola Pier – left on 22/04

21/04/2024   Tanker Antares berthed to discharge fuel cargo – sailed the next day

22/04/2024   Survey Vessel Scotia arrived for a crew change – sailed the next day

22/04/2024  Coastguard vessel Ievoli Black berthed for a crew change

23/04/2024   The first Cruise Ship of the 2024 season Aidasol berthed on Tuesday 23rd.  She had 1,200 passengers on board.  She sailed on the evening of the 23rd.

24/04/2024   Polfoss made its normal weekly arrival with Fish Cargo

26/04/2024   Thuw Britain arrived with fuel for the depot

26/04/2024   Seafast Don came from Stromness to drop off survey gear/demob

Vessels expected over weekend:

Marsali (Fish Farm Boat)

Scot Navigator (Load Logs)