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Weekly Update 19th February 2016

Feb 26 2016

The total number of boxes landed during the week was 7,729 from 24 vessels, of which 4,654 were consigned from 12 vessels.  There were 3,075 boxes through the market from 12 vessels.


The following vessels also berthed during the week:


13/02/16            The Blikur made a call to port on Saturday evening to discharge fish cargo

13/02/16            Cargo Vessel Cameron anchored in the Bay over the weekend for shelter.

16/02/16            Smolt vessel Solun Boy berthed on Tuesday to shelter from weather.

17/02/16            Cargo vessel Fri Wave arrived in port on Wednesday to load a cargo of logs.

17/02/16            The Lomur made a call on Wednesday to discharge fish cargo.  This trip had been delayed by weather.