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Weekly Update 2 August 2019

Aug 02 2019

The total number of boxes landed during the week was 3423 from 14 vessels, of which 2528 consigned from 11 vessels. There were 895 boxes through the market from 3 vessels.

 The following vessels berthed during the week:

27/07/2019        ‘NS Elida’ arrived in Port from Aberdeen.  She carried out cargo operations. She left Port on the same day.

31/07/2019         ‘Fugro Venturer’ arrived in Port from UKCS for a crew change.  She left Port the same day.

31/07/2019         ‘Antares’ arrived in Port from Immingham, with Oil Cargo for the Depot.  She left port same day.

31/07/2019         ‘Hermit Horizon’ arrived in Port from UKCS , with Oil related cargo. She left Port the same day.