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Weekly Update 15th September 2017

Sep 15 2017

The total number of boxes landed during the week were 5,036 from 7 vessels, of which 1,246 were consigned from 3 vessels. There were 3,790 boxes through the market from 4 vessels.


The following vessels berthed during the week:


09/09/2017             The “C – Odyssey” arrived in Port from Kirkwall to load a steel frame from Calder Engineering.

11/09/2017              The “Mark AB” arrived in Port from Aberdeen due to bad weather and to pick up supplies.

12/09/2017             The “Far Serenade” arrived in Port from UKCS to load oil related cargo.

12/09/2017             The “Scot Mariner” arrived in Port from Inverness to load logs.

12/09/2017             The “Lomur” arrived in Port from Runavik to discharge her usual fish cargo.