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Weekly Update 7th October 2016

Oct 07 2016

The total number of boxes landed during the week was 5,778 from 8 vessels, of which 4,860 were consigned from 6 vessels. There were 918 boxes through the market from 2 vessels.


The following vessels berthed during the week:


04/10/2016         The “Kommandor Stuart” arrived in Port from Tees for a crew change and survey work off Dounreay.

05/10/2016         The “Blikur” arrived in Port from Runavik to load/unload her weekly fish cargo.

05/10/2016         The “Vadero Highlander” arrived in Port from Immingham to unload oil for the Depot.

05/10/2016         The “Sally Ann” arrived in Port from Kinlochbervie to load peroxide.