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Weekly Update 23rd October 2015

Oct 23 2015

The total number of boxes landed during the week was 3,425 from 11 vessels, of which 515 were consigned from 3 vessels.  There were 2,910 boxes through the market from 8 vessels.

The following vessels also berthed during the week:

16/10/2015         The “Helen Burnie” arrived in Port from Stromness to load peroxide for fish farms.

16/10/2015         The oil supply vessel “Caledonian Vanguard” arrived in Port from the UKCS to load oil related cargo.

17/10/2015         The “Novatrans” arrived in Port from Lerwick to load logs.

17/10/2015         The “Pharos” arrived in Port from Kirkwall to pick up equipment.

19/10/2015        The “Vadero Highlander” arrived in Port to bunker fuel.

20/10/2015        The “Blikur” arrived in Port from Runavic with her weekly fish cargo.

21/10/2015         The “Victoria Viking” arrived in Port from Fara in Orkney to load 70,000 smolts for the Shetland Islands.

21/10/2015         The “Green Isle” arrive in Port from Stromness to put extra moorings out on a lifting barge and standing by for adverse weather forecast to abate.

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