Scrabster Harbour

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21 x Cod
£2.12 - £2.35...

20 x Large Haddock
£2.18 - £2.35...

22 x Medium Haddock
£2.55 - £2.90...

26 x Selected Haddock
£2.45 - £2.55...

40 x Small Haddock
£2.20 - £2.70...

16 x Whiting
£1.90 - £2.15...

12 x Round Whiting
£1.50 - £1.50...

11 x Saithe
£0.98 - £1.11...

6 x Lemon Sole
£2.30 - £4.00...

48 x Megrims
£1.30 - £3.95...

69 x Monkfish
£1.07 - £3.10...

2 x Plaice
£0.40 - £0.00...

4 x Roker
£0.55 - £0.00...

6 x Witches
£0.63 - £0.65...

1 x Hake
£0.00 - £1.15...

17 x Ling
£1.22 - £1.30...

15 x Squid
£1.60 - £2.75...

2 x Tusk
£0.00 - £0.62...

1 x Skate
£0.84 - £0.00...

3 x Turbot
£11.65 - £14.50...

29 x Medium Cod
£1.95 - £2.00...

106 x Sprag
£2.05 - £3.27...

14 x Small Cod
£1.80 - £1.95...

10 x Selected Cod
£1.45 - £1.50...

167 x Chippers
£2.00 - £1.20...

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High Tide

Saturday 25th Apr 2015
at 00:51 and 13:38 GMT

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DIVING INSPECTION WORKS St Ola Quays and Queen Elizabeth Quays Mariners are advised that more


All fishing vessel owners, agents and skippers are advised that, with effect from Monday 4th more

Quaich presented to Harbour Master in recognition of 25 years service

Harbour Master, Gordon Mackenzie, was recently presented with a Quaich by Trust Chairman, Tom more

Scrabster Harbour first in UK to gain Port Operations Qualification

Scrabster Harbour Trust are delighted to announce that their port operators are now fully more



Chairmans Annual Report - 2013

Pontoon and Berthing Application

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Scrabster Harbour remains a top landing port in the UK, landing whitefish and shellfish, including brown crab, lobsters, prawns and scallops.

In line with the Trust's strategy of continuous improvements, a number of developments are on-going. Shore power facilities have been installed and commissioned and the current major redevelopment of the old fish market pier is scheduled for completion in 2012.

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To capitalize on this development and to improve flexibility by enabling vessels to land at any berth, the Harbour Trust has invested in three mobile loading ramps which permit forklifts to drive from ground level directly into articulated trailers. The ramps are available for use by all harbour users and a demonstration video of them in action can be seen on our web site.

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Scrabster's location as the most northerly mainland port, places it in an ideal situation for those vessels working the fishing grounds to the north and west of Scotland. This is particularly advantageous with current restrictions on days at sea, therefore reducing steaming time and fuel costs.

The large fish basin which contains a modern 2,000 box capacity fish market remains one of the harbour's key strengths.  Included in the current development is the refrigeration of the market.  Berths suitable for consignment of fish are also located close to dedicated loading bays for onward transport of catches to customers and consumers across the UK and Europe. These have been contributory factors in establishing Scrabster as one of the leading whitefish ports in Britain.

Scrabster Harbour is open 365 days a year when a friendly and efficient service can be expected from all harbour staff, indeed most services are available 24 hours daily. Contact details are available from the Harbour Office.