Scrabster Harbour

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36 x Cod
£2.60 - £2.75...

8 x Medium Haddock
£2.05 - £2.25...

15 x Selected Haddock
£2.35 - £2.45...

13 x Small Haddock
£2.50 - £2.80...

8 x Whiting
£0.00 - £0.00...

26 x Round Whiting
£1.00 - £1.30...

20 x Saithe
£1.10 - £1.70...

105 x Monkfish
£2.35 - £3.90...

2 x Plaice
£0.40 - £1.10...

11 x Hake
£1.90 - £2.80...

19 x Medium Cod
£2.60 - £2.70...

238 x Sprag
£2.45 - £2.90...

18 x Chippers
£1.75 - £1.95...

13 x Blue Skate
£0.00 - £0.60...

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High Tide

Wednesday 23rd July 2014
at 06:08 and 18:38 GMT

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Quaich presented to Harbour Master in recognition of 25 years service

Harbour Master, Gordon Mackenzie, was recently presented with a Quaich by Trust Chairman, Tom more

Scrabster Harbour first in UK to gain Port Operations Qualification

Scrabster Harbour Trust are delighted to announce that their port operators are now fully more


Proposal: Development of Business/Industry Park with associated access and landscaping. more

New Chairman Announced for SHT Board

Scrabster Harbour Trust (SHT) Board are pleased to announce the appointment of Tom Pottinger to more



Chairmans Annual Report - 2013

Pontoon and Berthing Application

Harbour Byelaws

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More info on the Harbour.

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More info on the Harbour.

Caithness DVD
Includes footage of Harbour.

Mobile Ramp Demo
Demonstration of mobile ramp.

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